NOTM News April and May

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2019 Soup & Chili Cook-off

The Third Annual Neighbors on the Mount Soup and Chili Cook-off was held on Saturday, April 27th,  More than 150 people enjoyed tasting the best chili and soup on the Mount.

Thirteen local establishments participated this year and included the following:  Bigham Tavern, Café Niko’s, Coughlin’s Law, J&J’s Family Restaurant, Kavsar, Micro Diner, Redbeard’s Bar and Grill, Scarpaci’s, Sesame Garden, Shiloh Grille, Shop ‘n Save, Sloppy Joes, and Vue 412.   Special thanks goes to Redbeard’s for serving as the registration site for the event and love, Pittsburgh for collecting the ballots for the cook-off.

And the winners are:

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Café Niko for the best soup–defending their title once again!

Runners up for the best soup were Vue 412, Shop ‘n Save and Kavsar.

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Coughlin’s Law took the top spot for chili in 2019!

Runner’s up for the best chili were Bigham Tavern, Sloppy Joe’s and Shop ‘n Save.

All of the soup & chili tastings were delicious!  Thanks again to all of the participating locations and to all that attended this year’s cook-off.  The proceeds benefit the Mount Washington Heights Ecumenical Food Bank.

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Spring Community Clean-up

The next clean-up project is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019.  Join your neighbors to help clean-up Grandview Avenue, Shiloh Street and Virginia Avenue.  Volunteers are needed for this clean-up, and kids and teens are encouraged to participate.  There will be prizes for teams of kids that pick up the most trash that day.  The prizes include the following gift certificates/cards:  $100.00 for Pizza Hut, $50.00 for Subway, $25.00 for DiFiore’s Ice Cream Delite and $25.00 for Foxes Pizza.

The clean-up will be held from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Meet at the Shiloh Street Parking Lot.  Gloves, bags and refreshments will be provided for participants.  If you wish, you may target your own street for the clean-up.



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Neighbors on the Mount Winter News


Save the Date!

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Do You Remember?

Skirboll’s Variety Store

The store opened in 1900, the same year as the Mt. Washington branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  The store carried clothing, toys and household goods and much more!

20190211_185651 (1)

Do you remember S&H Green Stamps?

20190211_190346 (2)

Ad from 1906 for Skirboll’s Variety store.  Furs were definitely in vogue during that time.

Skirboll’s closed their doors in 1982.  This was the mailer that they sent out to their customers during their going out of business sale.  It was bright yellow.  20190211_191422 (4)

20190211_190951 (1)

What do you remember about Skirboll’s Variety store?




Light Up The Mount

Light Up The Mount

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As the whole city of Pittsburgh continues to grieve for the lives lost during the Tree of Life shooting that occurred on October 27, 2018, neighbors across the city have been coming together with strong and united messages of peace and hope.

On Friday, November 16, 2018, the Neighbors on the Mount and many local businesses will kick off the holiday season with Light Up The Mount.  The theme for this community event will be Peace.

The event begins at Fireman’s Park at 6:30 pm.  Here are some of the events planned:

St. Mary of the Mount choir will be performing.

Santa will appear at the Park to light up the park lights and will then visit with the kids at Redbeard’s Bar and Grill.  Free photos with Santa will be available.

Jennifer’s Hair Studio will be doing free hair braiding for kids at Redbeard’s during the event.

The Micro Diner will be providing free hot chocolate during the event.

Niko’s (Café Niko’s) will be providing free soup and a fun area for children to hulu hoop and play during the event.

Coughlin’s Law Kitchen & Ale House is hosting a “Create your own ornament” for the kids to be placed on the Coughlin’s Law Christmas Tree.

The Neighbors on the Mount will be handing out candy canes for the kids during the event.

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20181028_130544 (3)


FB_IMG_1541801409117 (1)Decorating the Park


Clean-up, Events

NOTM News Update: Fall 2018

FB_IMG_1539039981422 (5)The Neighbors on the Mount hosted a tent for the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation’s 2nd Annual Block Party on September 22nd.  The MWCDC hosted a great community party with good food, good drinks and great entertainment on Grandview Avenue.

Thanks to Mike Carlin, the Neighbors on the Mount sponsors several community clean-up projects throughout the year.  The latest was the Fall Community Clean-up that was held on Saturday October 6th.  About 10 great neighbors spent the morning cleaning up Grandview, Wyoming, Virginia, and Shiloh with a few other places in between.  13 large garbage bags were filled during the clean-up event.

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On Sunday October 21st, the 3rd Annual Trunk or Treat was sponsored by the Grandview Lions Club.  This new holiday tradition has become one of the most popular events of the year.  20+ neighbors and local businesses set up in the St. Mary of the Mount parking lot for kids to enjoy a day-time trick or treating experience.  The Grandview Lions Club provided pumpkins for all of the kids to decorate.  The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington branch provided the supplies for decorating the pumpkins.  The Neighbors of the Mount had hot chocolate available for the trunk and treat event.

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Next up is the planning for a community  celebration for the holiday season on The Mount.  The Neighbors on the Mount decorated the Fireman’s Park on Shiloh Street on November 4th.  A community light up night will be celebrated on Friday, November 16th. FB_IMG_1541347147297 (2)

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Save the date! Light Up Night on the Mount!  Friday November 16, 2018.

Clean-up, Community Meetings, Events

Fall News


Summer is winding down, and The Neighbors on the Mount are looking forward to the Fall.  The summer was busy with some great events and partnerships.  The Neighbors on the Mount partnered with the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation to host a happy hour event at Coughlin’s Law Kitchen & Ale House on June 21st.  Neighbors could mingle and enjoy the first day of summer at the newest restaurant and bar on the Mount.  Several clean-up events were sponsored by the Neighbor on the Mount this summer.  The Well Church partnered with the Neighbors on the Mount for some of the clean-up projects.  On July 28th, the Neighbors on the Mount sponsored a clean-up and weeding of the Firemen’s Park.  About 20 people helped out with that project.

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At the end of the summer, the Neighbors on the Mount hosted a table at the Community Picnic at Olympia Park that was sponsored by the Grandview Lions Club and Council-woman Theresa Kail-Smith.  The library hosted a craft table and more than 300 buttons were made during the picnic.

On September 22nd, the MWCDC hosted their 2nd Annual Block Party on Grandview Avenue.  This great neighborhood party ushered in the Fall season in style with lots of great food, drinks and entertainment.  We would like to thank everyone that stopped by the Neighbors on the Mount tent during the block party.

October Events

Neighbors on the Mount Quarterly Community Meeting 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018–6:00 pm

Join us to talk about Public Safety, Neighborhood Beautification Projects and Community Events.  Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith will be on hand to share some neighborhood news.  The meeting will be held at the Grandview Bakery.

Fall Community Clean-up

Saturday, October 6, 2018–8:30 am-12:00 pm

Join your neighbors with cleaning up the Mount!  Meet at the Shiloh Street Garage to pick up gloves and bags.  A meet-up after the clean-up is planned at Coughlin’s Law Kitchen and Ale House.

More October Events to come soon.  Stay tuned for more information.  

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Photo from Grandview Avenue August 29, 2018






Neighbors on the Mount News

On Saturday, July 14th, the Neighbors on the Mount held another community clean-up project.  This time the intersection of Boggs/Warrington/Rt. 51 was cleaned up and 13 big bags of trash and litter were collected thanks to Mike Carlin, Monica Diel, Mark Benny, and Linda and Kevin Reber.

The next community clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2018.  This clean-up project will focus on the Fireman’s Parklet on Shiloh Street from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. This project will include a litter pick-up and a weeding of the green space in the park.  Gloves, Trash Bags and refreshments will be provided to all volunteers.

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The Neighbors on the Mount are always looking for more volunteers for the community clean-up projects.  More hands means that more clean-up work can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time!   If you are not able to help physically with the clean-ups, but you still want to help out, we could use some volunteers for some lighter tasks, such as handing out refreshments at the end of a clean-up project.  To volunteer for light duty for the clean-up projects, contact Marian Streiff (

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Save the Date:

Mt. Washington/Duquesne Heights Community Picnic

Saturday, August 25, 2018

1-6 pm

Olympia Park

Sponsored by the Grandview Lions Club and Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith.  More details to come.



The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh–Mt. Washington will host an Art Table during the picnic.



Try some Pittsburgh and Neighborhood Trivia

ICYMI:  On Thursday June 21st, the Neighbors on the Mount (NOTM) partnered with the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) to host a community happy hour that celebrated the Summer Solstice at Coughlin’s Law Kitchen and Ale House.

As part of the celebration, a Pittsburgh and Neighborhood Trivia contest was held and these were the questions. Test your knowledge of Pittsburgh Trivia!  The answers will be shared at the bottom.

1. In what year did Pittsburgh first claim the top spot in the Places Rated Almanac and was declared America’s Most Livable City?

2. What is the oldest building, of any kind, that is still standing in Allegheny County?

3. Who bid adieu to the viewers of his 11 PM newscast with “good night, good luck, and good news tomorrow”?

4. Before Channel 11 became WPXI, what where its call letters?

5. What was Fort Pitt Beer’s slogan?

6. This community within the larger Mt. Washington neighborhood of the city of Pittsburgh was designed on the principles of the Garden City Movement of the early 20th Century. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2005.

7. The first Pittsburgh incline, built in 1870, was the ____________ Incline.

8. The Duquesne and Monongahela Inclines, are the oldest continuous inclines in the world. Another word for this type of incline is what?

9. The Wabash tunnels were remodeled in the 1960s for what unrealized light-rail system?

10. What majestic Mt. Washington landmark was dedicated on December 19, 1897?

11. This park space was once known as the Grand View Scenic Byway and includes all of the area parks and greenspaces in our neighborhood. This 257-acre green space includes 10+ miles of trails.

12. By what name was Mt. Washington known as previous to 1876?

13. What neighborhood institution’s address is 315 Grandview Avenue?

14. This member of the royal family visited Mt. Washington on a foggy, rainy day in 1988? Who was it?

15. Who the was Mayor of Pittsburgh when Engine Company 27 was erected?

16. What organization was formed in 1964 that saved the Duquesne Incline?

17. Johnny Unitas was a Hall of Fame quarterback that grew up in Mt. Washington. What high school did he attend?

18. These tunnels are the longest automobile tunnels in the City of Pittsburgh.

19. Bill Clinton and this Prime Minister of Great Britain visited Mt. Washington on Feb. 28, 1994. They rode the Duquesne Incline and dined at the Tin Angel. Who was the prime minster?

20. Point of View is a 2006 landmark public sculpture in bronze by James A. West; it sits in a parklet named for the work of art. The statue sits on the corner of Grandview Avenue and Sweetbriar Street in Duquesne Heights. Who is depicted in this face-to-face meeting?


  1.  1985
  2. Fort Pitt Blockhouse
  3. Bill Burns
  4. WIIC
  5. “Fort Pitt, That’s It!”
  6. Chatham Village
  7. Mon Incline, Monongahela Incline
  8. Funicular(s)
  9. Skybus
  10. St. Mary of the Mount Church
  11. Emerald View Park
  12. Coal Hill
  13. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  14. Prince Charles
  15. George W. Guthrie
  16. The Society for the Preservation of the Duquesne Incline
  17. St. Justin’s High School
  18. Liberty Tubes
  19. Tony Blair
  20. Chief Guyasuta and George Washington